Meteen naar de inhoud

No woman should ever feel invisible

While depression and anxiety aren’t racist, sexist or excluding in any way, the social system is. As a woman recovering from a severe depression I am often labeled as hysterical, too emotional and too sensitive. But while I, as a white woman, have almost endlessly access to high-quality mental health care I know the limitation of mental health care ascribed to women because of skin color, social class, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic is immense and have a huge impact on their well-being. Today I won’t be able to attend the women’s march, but I will be there in my mind and I will share my story and raise my voice. Because no woman should ever feel invisible and every woman should be free. Let our feminism be intersectional feminism and let’s smash the ableist-cisgender-straight-white patriarchy!

Naar de inhoud springen